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MyHair™ Conditioner X2!

MyHair™ shampoo and conditioner are partner products, combining the best of nature and modern science to support faster-growing hair with less tendency for hair loss. MyHair Shampoo and Conditioner include patented and clinically tested ingredients from red clover, citrus, and olive leaves to support good blood micro-circulation around the hair follicles, superior hair anchoring, and an extended hair growth cycle. Try MyHair for 3 months, and see the difference for yourself! Spoil yourself with MyHair Shampoo and Conditioner for a wonderful hair experience.

Get Twice the Value!
When you order MyHair Conditioner from this page, you will receive TWO convenient 4oz bottles! (Most people start with our "MyHair Shampoo and Conditioner Set"!)

Typical Use
Follow label instructions and adjust to your personal experience for the best results. MyHair Shampoo and Conditioner are the ideal support system for our customers who are using FirstClass™.

Do not use on broken or inflamed skin. Stop using and seek a dermatologist if any irritation occurs. Wash immediately if the product gets into your eyes.

Special Note for our customers living in Japan: This product is not registered for resale in Japan. It is available for personal import only. In some cases, products on this website contain ingredients that are available only for pharmaceutical sales in Japan. Please chose responsibly, and purchase for the purpose of your personal use only.

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