Secret Lift™

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Lift and trim with nutritive benefits of aloe and fruit extracts
Whiten your skin while erasing fine wrinkles
Short and long-term benefits

Secret Lift helps you improve soft, loose skin by quickly adding firmness and naturally concealing wrinkles and bags. Secret Lift not only gives you a great, speedy result, but also includes strong anti-aging substances that support your skin in a long-run. Enjoy its instantaneous whitening effect and dynamic uplift ability! Secret Lift is the secret for reducing signs of age prior to photography.

If you ….
- have wrinkles around your eyes,
- have bags under your eyes,
- have deep lines on your forehead,
- have a dull skin tone,
- have deep smile lines visible from far away,
- see lines between your eyebrows even when expressionless,
- want bright, clear looking eyes,

Try Secret Lift!

Typical Use
Follow label instructions and adjust to your personal experience for the ideal result. Secret Lift produces the most lifting effect when not used with oil-based cosmetics.

Stop using and seek a dermatologist if any irritation occurs. Wash immediately if the product gets into your eyes. Avoid extreme high or low temperatures, and store away from children.

Special Note for our customers living in Japan: This product is not registered for resale in Japan. It is available for personal import only. In some cases, products on this website contain ingredients that are available only for pharmaceutical sales in Japan. Please chose responsibly, and purchase for the purpose of your personal use only.

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